Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Natural therapy

"When this old world
Keeps getting you down ...
There's only one place to go ...
Up on the roof ... "

I loved this song, in all it's glorious covers.

(With apologies to Carole King).

And I loved going up on roofs
The roof tops of London
Garrets in Paris
Across the Mediterranean
Skyscrapers of New York.

It always brought me closer to the sky. To the stars.
Away from people.
Into an unknown I still long to know.
It gave me a profound sense of peace.

Nowadays, I still look up, but I try to take everything in. It is nature that really sustains me.
Buoys my spirit.
It gives me hope.

I close my eyes & off I go, to any of the places that brought me to stillness.
Sunrise in the Keys, the smell of fresh snow on the Alps of my childhood, magnificent wadis & night deserts, sunset over the Santa Catalinas ...

We are entering a very different stage of Vic's epic journey. Me, too. Children, too.
"When this old world starts getting me down ... "

I can be very happy
For a moment
In an old moment
Renewed in a new.

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