Thursday, February 5, 2015

My personal neuroscientific challenge

Have decided to perform an experiment on myself.
Having watched a fabulous program onBBC Four in the UK called "The Joy of Mozart", I have decided to listen to all of the Man's work according to the K-listing, from 1-636.

I am definitely one of,those peoples ho feel that Mozart was touched by G-d.  His music touches in a literal, visceral way that I cannot explain.

So let's see what happens when I expose myself to a daily dose of Mozart for the next period of time.

I'll keep notes if I start levitating or the like.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Come fly with me.

I made it home!  No kidding.  I was going to get back no matter what.  Snow?  I would hose the wings myself.
No bad weather.  No cold.  No headache was going to prevent me from getting on board VS005
seat 21k, (love the "k" seating) from LHR to the MIA.

I took full opportunity of my three suitcase advantage and just stuffed, threw or rolled assorted things around all the cases making them individually lighter!!!  Ooh & aah!

Bliss to be picked up on time by Daniel, with whom I immediately proceeded to get into an argument.  Yep, we , no HE missed the I95 exit and we were headed straight downtown Miami.
We were about to encounter hell trying to double back.  Not to mention the HOV lane which was bollarded off all the way until turnpike exit ...

After a couple of low blows hurled my way, to wit "There you go, Lili!" Daniel wld mercilessly, no fair, under the belt assault.  

But I didn't really care because I was on my way home!!!

Cue Pharell's "Happy"

"Pano" shot of view from my chair in Virgin lounge.
Many drinkers.  So wasted on me!  I am Ms Pots an Pots of Tea!
Ok.  It was tea time & head trip time.  Yes, clotted cream & Russell Brand simultaneously.

Wheels down. I is home!  USA!  USA!  
Best fucking place except perhaps gobs of money & Nekker Island!

Ah, the beauty of a Florida is never wasted on me!