Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Under the Oaks

Ahhhrizona sunrise.
How magnificent.
A Saguaro takes 45 years to grow 
a new limb.

I am so at peace in desert settings.

At least during the day 
With good shoes, hat & water.

As we sprung forward in time
While sleeping
I woke up, oddly refreshed as if I 
Never got used to falling back

Great morning to go to annual
Under the Oaks art show
Nice & eaely
While natives are still in prayer
In chuch

I worshiped at altar of creativity
And self expression.

Continuing to observe this years owl brood.
Not 100% sure if original 
Or second generation
Taking up breeding residence.

Always magic
All over again

And then I found this.
That wld be me exercising visualization
With Vic.
Vic's target on top.

Not bad for a Jewish girl
First time with that firearm.

Zen and the art of target shooting.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The viel is lifting. Whoot!

Look hoo's back

And so am I

Only now I return
As a bone fide, ordained minister

I'm now Sista Minista

Lordy, lordy
Who knows where this blog will go now

A sleeper awakens