Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vic vs Cancer: off to Battle

Some people chose to have G-d as their co-pilot.
Me, I prefer Yoda ...

How can things go wrong when the force is with you?
Vic, still in control, driving himself to the battlefield
Deep in thought
The war face slowly begins to reveal itself

Vic's surgical roommate had already left the room when Vic arrived.
We wondered if there could be a slight addiction problem with the vet in bed #2?
We laughed remembering Vic's dearest friend, Patrick, who thought he was helping his roommate when in the VA in Miami.

The guy asked Patrick if he could get him some Listerine.
Patrick did.
The guy drank it.
Patrick did not know he was an alcoholic.
The guy died.

Some of Vic's scars of war.
The scar beneath his neck - last years medianstinal surgery.
Some dark blue tattoos, mid chest - from 2 rounds of radiation.
Newly installed power port.

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"This cancer thinks it's going to beat me.

Vic - Friday October 2, 2009
Veteran's Administration Hospital
Room 7A-211
West Palm Beach, Florida

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