Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For chocolate & dessert lovers only ...

Once upon this lifetime, angels pushed Beautiful Linda & I together.

I say "this lifetime" because there is NO DOUBT that we have been there, done that together many, many times before.

So opposite by nature, she serene in the midst of chaos: me, INSANE! She glides along with the elan of the dancer within. I walk with the easy gait of a ruptured camel.

At least that is what my beloved Daddy always used to say.

So, back to my friend, Beautiful ... knowing Vic's eating restrictions & preferences, she conjurred up an amazing, divine dessert, full of peanut butter. And chocolate.

Instead of "get well soon" card, she journalled the cake's inspiration & creation on her elegantly stunning blog. Complete with step by step photos, so salacious & high def, you may find yourself licking not only your lips but also your screen.

Without further ado ...

From "Lime in the Coconut", Prayer in the form of peanut butter. And chocolate.


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