Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meno-rantings: an homage to bio identical hormones

OK, so I've been feeling like shit for a couple of weeks again.

Thwack! Right in the middle of my head. In mean, deep in the middle of my head. The 'blahs'. No, worse.

The pre-holiday angst. The day after Thanksgiving, I began crying as neighbor after neighbor began decorating their houses.

Everything was making me cry.

My poor kids. Poor mama, boo hoo.

And the funk just kept funking.

A huge battle of ego versus spirit.

Oy vey.

I needed this on top of taking care of my Dad?

I think not.

But how to mentally & physically drag myself out of this deep abyss of holiday seasonitis horibillis?

Nothing worked.

And then it happened. Between my handfuls of vitamins & prescriptions it seems that I forgot one non-descript vial.

The vial that delivers.

I had forgotten my hormones for over 2 weeks. Could that possibly have been what was fucking me over and over and over???

You bet your bippy it was!

From the first schmear, oy, such a difference.

So please, if I find myself slidding down my slippery slope, you have permission to ask if I've taken my hormones lately!


A schmear & a smile!

And I am out of here.