Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OMG quote ...

"I'll have a plate of alfalfa sprouts & some mashed yeast."

Those that know, know.

La di da ...

A limerick ...

A bitchy, ex-pat now in Birmingham
With a penchant for the lowliest of breeding men
Wrings her hands, prays & screams,
at her numerous offspring,
Look in the mirror, it's what's known as
"karma", ma'am.

Angel trumpets: beautiful but very nasty

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Ode" " The Doobie Brothers" 1971 - 2011

"Take me in your arms, rock me, rock me a little while" all the way down to "China Grove" where "Jesus is alright with me."

Better not drink any "Black water" or we'll be "Takin' it to the streets", "Breaking down the Highway" while we "Listen to the music".

Oh well, "Minute by Minute" it's only "What a fool ...believes."

This "South City Midnight Lady" has a "Long train running" to catch ...

Me so funny! At least I amuse myself.

Rock 'n' roll!