Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday night menu

My close friends & I are mad about food. Both the preparation as well as the eating. 2 of them actually speak in a shorthand of recipes.

We like to share & add our own touches.

Having said that: dinner tonight, chez nous.

Vegitarians: tune out. Carnivores, you'll love this.

Grilled, well seasoned sirloin, steamed kale au garlic & onions, potatoes avec (un peu de) butter & beaucoup of dill, qu'el que edamame & we're off.

After dinner, will take duly satiated family into hot tub under-the-stars for another of Mommy's more regular Sunday night sermons.

Oy, how they love it! Oy, how they groan & protest. Oy, how the side of me that would rather not hear is longing to give in.

No, I am committed to holding my ground, shaky as it may be at times.

Maybe half a xanax will soften the proverbial verbal attacks which usually ensue.

Key for my success lies in just not taking the bait. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Remind myself as the punks proceed to list all my shortcomings as a parent, "Who's got the power?"

Yep. That would be little, getting older me.

Cue Gary Glitter "Rock 'n' Roll"

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