Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Doobie Brothers - here we come!

Guess who's got her tix??? Sooo excited. Last time I saw them was at the Hollywood (FL), Sportatorium, 1980. I had just moved to Florida. A thick, pungent cloud hung over the entire audience & my started husband humiliated me by using earplugs! Minute by Minute just came out. 31 yrs later, I'm taking my 19, 18 & 15 yr olds ...

Sunrise Theatre Presents Doobie Brothers

From Facebook ...

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Nicky McAllister Fabulous, Vicar!!!!

Kerry Stone Henderson got me a ticket, too...right? and is michael mcdonald gonna be there? he doesn't hang with them too often...

Nancy Johnson Riley That same cloud will be there!!! They are incredible.. still .. after all these years! Take me in your arms and ROCK me baby!!!

Angie Mantell-Smith SOOOO jealous have a great time!!!! :)

Marcy Frishman Purdy Count me in for another fun night in Ft. Pierce!!! Doobie do!!

Kerry Stone Henderson He came from somewhere back in her long ago..sentimental fool lalala

Karen Mantell ‎... minute by minute by minute by minute, I keep holding on ...
Susan Judd Ridlen Saw the Doobies in around '77. Monroe, La. I think I was in the 8th grade.

Karen Mantell Wee baby. Check out their site - looks more like an ad for Paul Mitchell hair products, as they John Wayne-style walk into fans, hair a-blowin' in the wind. Still, I can't wait ... "take me in your arms, rock me, rock me a little while .. "

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