Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to February's full Hunger Moon ...

Although the moon won’t be full until tomorrow (Friday, February 18) at 8:36 Universal Time, it falls in the wee hours after midnight for much of North America. As seen from our part of the world, the moon will probably appear as full tonight as it will tomorrow night.

I am such a creature of the night, even though I have discovered the joys of sleep-escape therapy. If I am home & it is night, you can usually find me on the Peaceful Purple Patio which really is in it's glory at night.

Not that I subscribe to full-moon lunacy. Heck, anyone who knows me knows that I don't need a full moon or any other lunar activity to provoke questionable behavior. Last night's 98 percent full waxing moon found me in full-tilt night gardening mode.

"By the light, of the silvery moon ... " I clipped, raked, moved pots from here to there, all the while mindful of Vic's comments of yore: "each time the plants get comfortable, you move them. Then you hear them all screeching when they see you approaching them."

Probably! But last night, I stealthily skulked around trees & shrubs, nabbing the unsuspecting plants, relocating them hither or dither.

One year, a friend bought me one of those miner's forehead lights as a gag gift, a direct volley at my nocturnal horticultural antics! As it happened, I LOVED the light. Brilliant.

Just set my iAlarm for 6.55pm tonight. As a prelude to tonights Snow or Hunger Moon, the international space station will be doing a 3 minute fly by, south to east.

I am so out there!

Peace ...

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