Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Such a view ...

For Father's Day, we went down to see my father who is pushing 85, much to his (& frankly my) great surprise.

He is finally starting to show the undeniable signs of aging & we are getting into gentle discussions about the possibility of his moving up here, closer, etc.

He moved to South Florida from Forest Hills, Queens (718) permanently in 1994.

Each time I go down to visit, very rarely to be honest, I wouldn't trade Vero for anything but sometimes, the views from his apartment are just so glorious that I really do understand his reluctance to leave such a very lush setting among the concrete monoliths.


The kids love fishing there, I love floating in the pool - anything to get out of his boutique, cigar infused abode.

A wicked, tropical, over the top Jewish ghetto, Aventura is everything I hate about my tribe when congrugated in a discount shopping district but I have to say, the bagels & the Mall is pretty good!

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Not for naught do those of us on the inside call it "Oyventura."

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