Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheese corn!

I really can't help it but I am so incredibly fortunate to have friends as wonderful as mine!

As I slowly, slowly emerge from the dark, they continue to be there for me through the many stages of what is a custom-designed process called grief.

Grief has no boundaries.

It follows a path of particular direction or destination.

The key for me has been to acknowledge & allow myself to experience all the feelings, good & certainly bad.

The months of random crying. Make that doubled-over bawling. Being present for the pain. Being present to appreciate the peace which always, always followed ...

The pain that would interrupt moments of peaceful resignation. Being present to appreciate the pain which always, always followed ...

Slowly, gently, the wounds are closing.

My amazing friends continue to be important as we all continue to heal & figure out life, so very, very different now.

Life so very, very different ...

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