Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK, do I have plague or something???

You know things are off when even your recycling is rejected!

Seriously. My recycling was left behind accompanied by a note, telling me to put this with that, the other with the following.

Goodness. I mean, there I have 2 huge bins brimming with things that can be turned into mulch & shoes & bags & siding (OK, I was reaching there). I took the time to forage in my trash compactor for the cans & paper & plastic the children throw out only to have it cast aside next to the road in my snazzy 'Wheel Away" recycling bin on wheels.

Le me recap the rejections of my last 2 days: first, my therapist sends me an email subject: "termination" - never a good way to start any communication: next day, recycling is rejected!

In a nut shell, from the lips of a nut case, with apologies to Cole Porter;

"Can't save myself - can't save the planet.
Let's call the whole thing off!


  1. Ahhh...Now I can answer you.

    Yes, Beautiful, you do have the plague.

    And whoever started the marketing campaign that the plague was a bad thing...anyway?

  2. And...NO...I will not modge podge banana leaves to the wall.

    Whoops...does that make it three rejections?

    alright. Maybe I'll try.

  3. just think of all the extra smog-spewing diesel trucks they need to put on the road just to haul those recyclables around... and feel better. :)

    and as for the therapist... sounds like he/she finally realized that you were more grounded and sane than he/she was. Cheers!