Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking the time to journey ...

....  to the center of my mind.

Wow!  I totally love those words.  

As is my way,  I love to stumble across an older tv series, now syndicated.  "Seinfeld" was the best find of all.  A mindlessly clever laugh now available almost any time a day on some channel or other.  George, of course, is my fave.  

"World's are colliding.  This is NOT good.  George is not happy about this at all!"

Well, hello!  Talk about a completely off the wall, gorgeously dark "find" for sista k.  Everything considered, the irony is beyond delicious.


"Six feet under."

For someone who could not watch more than the first 3 minutes of  "My sister's keeper", or a full 15 of "You don't know jack", the HBO Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian, "Six feet under" just tickles & provokes my thoughts in so many ways.

Oh, it makes me sob at times but mostly, I get to observe the myriad of made-for-tv sound bytes of various forms of grief.

Conclusion:  I am quite, quite normal in my own Abby Normal way.

Ta ta, for now ...  I think I am starting to come out of the dark side ...

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