Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Till death us do part ...

Part us, it did.

Our wedding photo June 18 1991
Vic was radiant. I had swollen feet!
Vic's wedding band was inscribed:
 "Two lives, One destiny.  6/18/91".

I wear Vic's wedding band together with the  beautiful pyramid shaped amethyst
 that is my most cherished 50th birthday gift. 
Vic was fascinated by the number ratios of circles 
& pyramids.  He found solace in a numerically explainable world.

So our trinkets remains intermingled.
A pyramid overlapping a circle.
A circle overlapping a pyramid.

It's just our energy still with me.

Our last photo October 8 2009
Vic was dying
No one gave me a straight answer
 So I just did what I did best:  I stood by Vic's side,
his front & his back.
Together, we fought.
We fought for Vic to live on & on & on

Neither of us gave up.

In the end,
it was never in our hands anyway ...
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