Saturday, February 13, 2010

Transitioning ...

I remember watching a British version of "The Apprentice" about 2 years ago while visiting my Mother & Peter. One of the challenges issued by the host, the Sir Alan Sugar, a self-made nice-Jewish-boy-from-the-East-End-of-London was for the team to come up with a line of greeting cards.

One of the groups were inspired to pick February 13th. The Loneliest Day.

How totally ridiculous is that? A Hallmark line of cards, lauding the day before Valentine's as, well, basically something akin to Eleanor Rigby!

Pshaw! What a load of rubbish.

Fast forward to January 13, 2010. Here I am the day pre-Valentine's - the dread Loneliest Day of the Year.

Am I sad? Am I bothered?

An afternoon spent with an insane group of adults, all participants in Vero Beach's First Annual Olympiad was the best box of chocolates & roses imaginable.

Nothing better than grown ups being silly. Mad grapefruit & spoon races. Grass skiing & citrus toss. Hammer throwing (I got a Silver for that!).

Our Olympics included the brining in of the Olympic flag, followed by the torch carried by toga sporting Grecian goddess who passed the flame on to Eros, I mean Eric who shot the flame into the Olympic firepit!

Foods celebrating the different countries & Olympic trivia made the glorious afternoon.

Vic comes to me in such different ways. The obvious does not trigger me. It is in the most unexpected of times that I get caught unawares.

When I think of Valentine's Day, I remember that I was told every day for 20 years that I was the highlight of Vic's life. Feb 14's just another day ...

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