Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come, take the walk down memory lane with me ....

Driving to the VA.

A look with which I was so familiar in the past years. Months.
Eyes forward. Jaw fixed. Target locked. One man. Alone.


Viens finally gave up. Port installed so that Vic could do yet another round of chemo & just be able to give blood. He never flinched or complained when the nurses endlessly poked his arms & hands looking for any place to get some blood.

"Whatever it takes" is what he would say.


It is very hard to look at the scars. Knowing what brought them to him. Not for the feint hearted.


As always, outside surrounded by the peace & healing calm.


To think, this was only the beginning. I never thought this would be so hard for me. Nothing can prepare you for your own personal grief process.

Mine is certainly taking me down roads I never expected to travel.

I miss him.

That's all.
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